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Explore the curiosities of the State Library New South Wales' history and collections like never before with Curio! Get up close with rare artifacts in our exhibitions and collections, and discover the fascinating stories behind the origins and legacy of the historic Mitchell Library direct from your mobile device.

Prepare to be amazed by the Library's most prized objects showcased in AMAZE The Michael Crouch Gallery. Curio brings to life the stories and history of these precious items, which are often as interesting as the object itself.

The Mitchell Library Discovery Tour reveals the influences, secrets and surprising facts about the founders, collectors and features of one of Australia's most loved institutions.

Downloading Curio

Curio is available to download for Apple and Android devices.

To download from your device, search for Curio in the App Store or Google Play. To install, follow the prompts, then click 'OK.'

Alternatively, click "Apple App Store" or "Google Play Store" below, and follow the prompts.

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